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We Were Featured in a Book!

June 22, 2020 1 Min read

Esteemed author William Brink latest novel titled: Old and Angry 

See the 5-star reviewed book on Amazon here:

“The story may be short, but it packs a mean punch, like a rock-knuckled uppercut right to the chin. This one’s got a wicked, cutthroat edge, and should be right up the literary alley of anyone who enjoys violent, action-packed, hard-boiled thrillers. ” – Best Selling Action-Thriller Author of the Team Reaper series, Mark Allen.

Our team here was really excited to be mentioned and glad that Jake able to get the protection he needed in the story.

Read the excerpt here:

Once Jake and I linked up at his place, I jumped into his vehicle, a new Dodge Durango SRT. This SRT had been sent off to Armormax for bullet-proofing work, as well as an additional one hundred or so horsepower and specialized suspension added. Jake liked his toys and was a car freak, so it was his vehicle, or my piece of shit 2001 Ford Explorer. Not a real difficult choice, that… Of course, there’s no such thing as “bullet-proof,” only bullet resistant, and Jake’s truck was rated for repeated hits from 7.62 x 51mm ball ammo, which was more than sufficient for the US, at least. For Jake, who did high-value executive protection gigs semi-regularly, it was a business expense and partial tax write-off, so win-win for us should someone decide to take a shot at us. Off we went into the night.

*Also if interested you can email [email protected] if you have read the book and wanted to share your comments with the author.

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