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Where are bulletproof cars for civilians for sale?

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ARMORMAX® provides civilian armored vehicles for sale in the USA and around the World. We design and produce a wide range of armored vehicles, including all brands, Coupe, Crossovers, Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, all kinds of armored Trucks, and Vans.

We provide lightly armored and fully armored cars to every continent with wide-ranging armoring options to fit any needs. Our capabilities allow us to customize new and older models of cars to the user’s requests. From door overlap protection to a run-flat-tire system, upgrades brakes and suspension system, smoke screens, and mobile communication capabilities, ARMORMAX® is dedicated to your safety and comfort.


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We love answering your questions and helping you get the best protection possible. For immediate questions and if you want to speak with an expert, please call 1-801-393-1075.

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ARMORMAX® is the preferred supplier of used cash in transit trucks with integrated protection solutions ranging from electronic security integration to ballistic and blast protection. The armored Ford CIT used trucks by us are the most flexible transportation vehicles that adjust completely in any circumstances.

Maybe it doesn’t look so glamorous externally. Still, it is extremely powerful and capable for armored transportation needs from inside. These used armored CIT we offer to vary in configuration, power, and size. Still, the technology offered by ARMORMAX is adaptable to fit in any truck that you want to be armored. We offer you custom armored options to select for new and used trucks.

Yes! You can. ARMORMAX provides the old fleet of Police vehicles for sale when they upgrade their vehicles. Usually, smaller police agencies buy these vehicles. Still, the general public is also eligible to buy these cars without decals or lights.

These cars are built differently, and their alternate rims, armors installed in the doors, and modified suspensions inspire people. These police vehicles are made of built-in-steel intrusion plates indoors and seatbacks that protect from armor-piercing bullets.

They also love the bulletproof glass of these police vehicles that make them feel safer. The most exciting feature of these Ford police cars is their ability to go from 0 to 55 miles/hour just within five seconds.

World leader in the manufacturing and design of armored passenger vehicles