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Can I test Armormax materials?

Armormax Tesla Model X Shoot Test

Absolutely! Testing Armormax materials is not only allowed but also encouraged. If you find yourself intrigued by the robustness, resilience, and overall performance of Armormax materials, we provide a straightforward avenue for testing. No need to navigate a complex process – simply reach out to our team, and we can help you with the necessary guidance.

Armormax recognizes the significance of ensuring their materials adhere to the highest standards of quality and security. Whether you’re interested in evaluating the ballistic capabilities or structural integrity of their materials, we are open to inquiries regarding testing procedures. We understand that thorough testing is essential for those considering our materials for various applications.
Jerry Rig Everything Shoots at a Tesla
To embark on the testing journey, initiate contact with our Armormax team. We will not only provide details about the materials you’re interested in but also guide you through the testing process. Armormax is committed to transparency and welcomes the opportunity for individuals or organizations to validate the performance of their materials firsthand. So, if you’re eager to put Armormax materials to the test, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re ready to assist you in exploring the strength and capabilities of our cutting-edge materials.


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We love answering your questions and helping you get the best protection possible. For immediate questions and if you want to speak with an expert, please call 1-801-393-1075.

Testing Armormax Materials

Please schedule a visit and arrange a meeting to go test materials with Armormax. The team is very friendly and would love to assist with any questions you have.

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