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Bulletproof Lexus LS460

Those seeking for luxury have no further than to look than the Armormax’s armored Lexus LS460 sedan. With almost every amenity you’d ever want in a sedan, world class comfort and insurmountable safety, the armored Lexus LS460 is a dream come true. With recent updates to its design, the vehicle is as stylish as ever.

At International Armoring Corporation we have armored hundreds of Lexus models from this LS460 to the LX570 and everything in between. Armormax® has been working with Lexus/Toyota for quite some time, and knows the ins and outs of their vehicles. Let us quote and help you get your next bulletproof Lexus LS460.

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Standard Armoring Details


  • Entire passenger compartment armored with light synthetic fiber laminates and air hardened, heat treated ballistic alloys
  • Includes doors, roof, floor, pillar posts, etc. while minimizing added weight


  • Original glass replaced with layered glass, acrylic, polycarbonate laminates
  • Maintains the original appearance and design with superior optics


  • Reinforced suspension
  • Run-flat tires
  • Elitus Overlaps system
  • Armored battery, radiator protection, ECM and fuel tank
  • Operable windows available