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Can my armored car have operable windows?

November 17, 2014 2 Min read

Often times we get asked, if I buy an armored car from you can you still make my windows operable? In other words, can you roll down bulletproof windows after the armoring process takes place? The quick answer is yes. The long answer is that while we do include operable windows on a majority of the armored cars we manufacture we don’t always recommend them for every type of environment.

We work extremely hard to make our ballistic glass operable and strive our best to make the windows roll up and down as far as possible in every vehicle, but in some countries and in on some armored glass thicknesses (i.e. level B7) there is a trade-off between armoring the car and making the windows operable or not completely bulletproof if the windows are rolled down.

While we strive and work hard every day to add every features our clients want such as keeping the original look and performance of the cars; protection is our top priority and since 1993 we have been leading the industry in saving lives and protecting our clients’ peace of mind.

The purpose of these armored vehicles is to provide protection against AK-47s, .44 Magnums, grenades, .308 and other handguns and high powered rifles and any other threats our clients may face on a daily basis. And we accomplish this better than anyone.

In conclusion, we spend a lot of time on engineering and resources to add benefits/options such as electric door handles, smoke screens, and operable windows because we want to be known as not only the best in protection but in providing the best overall experience from purchasing to service after the sale with all our clients If the windows are rolled down that vehicle is not a fully armored vehicle as now there is a way for bullets to enter.

Please note each vechicle is different along with the differerences in glass thickness. We strike in very package to have the armored glass to go down as far as possible. See glass thickness examples.

Armored Lexus RX 350

Armored Glass Operable Windows Lexus RX 350

Armored Cadillac Escalade

Armored Glass Cadillac Operable Windows
Operable Window Examples Cadillac Escalade

We try and blend the best of protection and ease of use while still factoring in what is best for our clients. That is why on all our vehicles with operable windows we upgrade the motors and channel switches to ensure the windows have the capability of rolling up and down but also ensuring a fail-safe system to best protect our clients.

We recommend keeping the windows rolled up but understand that there are times when operable windows are necessary such as going through toll booths or passing documentation between vehicles.

If you are looking for a specific option to go along with our armoring packages please call us at +801-393-1075.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Bulletproof glass can be up to 90mm thick in some cases.

It has great durability. Although the glass may discolor after 1-2 decades, its integrity will last.