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Who is International Armoring Corporation®?

Two Armoured Infiniti QX 56 Models IAC Utah

International Armoring Corporation® (IAC) is a premier vehicle armoring company that armors all makes and models of cars and trucks while helping maintain the vehicle’s original appearance and performance. By using proprietary armoring designs and installation techniques as well as the latest lightweight armoring materials, International Armoring Corporation® provides the most technologically advanced protected vehicles available. These vehicles have been delivered to heads of state, corporate executives, celebrities, religious leaders, and civilian contractors all over the world. You are always welcome to visit us (or schedule a virtual tour) to see the quality and finish for yourself.

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Ogden, Utah, they specialize in providing:

  • Armored passenger vehicles: These modified vehicles offer protection against various threats, from high-powered handguns to common assault rifles, depending on the chosen armoring level. Their clientele includes government officials, heads of state, business executives, and individuals requiring enhanced personal security.
  • Bulletproof glass: They offer a range of bulletproof glass options to enhance the security of various vehicles, catering to different levels of protection and customization needs.

Here’s what sets Armormax apart:

  • Lightweight armor technology: Their proprietary Armormax® material utilizes synthetic fiber laminates to offer superior ballistic protection while significantly reducing weight compared to traditional armor solutions. This translates to better fuel efficiency, handling, and performance for their armored vehicles.
  • Customization options: They understand that security needs are individual and offer extensive customization options. Clients can choose the desired level of protection, specific areas for additional armoring, and even window tint, allowing them to tailor the vehicle to their unique needs.
  • Lifetime warranty: They stand behind the quality of their work by offering a lifetime warranty on their Armormax® material, demonstrating their commitment to providing long-lasting and reliable protection.

Overall, Armormax is a reputable company offering a unique blend of:

  • Advanced armoring technology: Utilizing lightweight materials for enhanced protection and vehicle performance.
  • Customization options: Catering to individual security needs and preferences.
  • Client focus: Providing personalized quotes, expert advice, and long-term support.

Two Armoured Infiniti QX 56 Models IAC Utah


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